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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stop # 9 Grafton, WV

West Virginia is beautiful. I have been treated to some of the most scenic views ever. It really is amazing how beautiful it is out here. The hills/mini mountains have been challenging for sure. Today towards the end of my ride I had get off the bike a few times becuase I couldn't ride up some of the steep hills. The last 20 miles were kinda scary because of the lack of a shoulder.
Thanks to Pastor Jeff Winters and Dotty. Jeff took me to dinner and Dotty helped get me set up at a local motel. Thanks for helping me out and good luck at your new church Pastor Jeff.
Grafton has a lot of history. The first Union soldier died here in a scirmish. Mothers day was started in Grafton way back in the day too. Pretty interesting old town. Friday it's on to Romney, WV. 3 more days of riding. I'm looking forward to shaving and seeing my family.
More later. Cya Tom

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