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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stop #10 Romney, WV

I am in Romney West Virginia now. This part of the country is spectacular. I would love to come back in the Fall!! Ok, the mini-mountains are now just called mountains. These mountains have broken me a few times. I have had to walk my bike up several hills again. I was fortunate to get a ride through some of the most dangerous and deadly parts of the mountain range. Highway 50 has no shoulder at all. I did not expect that. I decided to go ahead and get a lift from Rich. I 'm not so sure that I would have been able to make today's 85 mile trip without him. Thanks Rich, you are a lifesaver!!!! Saturday is going to be a great ride into Virginia. I'm told that the mountains are going to get smaller from here on out? I hope!
Sunday's ride into DC should be amazing too. They have a rails to trail bicycle trail that goes into DC from 45 miles out and it's suppose to be asphalted. So two more days till DC.
I wanted to say thanks to those who made comments on the blog during my trip. It means a lot to me and I just want to say thanks. " thanks!"
What is up Sean King #44 "the beast" Enjoy your time away kid and keep setting new goals!
That's it for today, I will post again tomorrow. Cya TK


Michelle Jefferson said...

This mother hen says "I'm so glad you took a ride from Rich". Mrs. Traficano would have said to "live dangerously". I win this time, Jen. (haha) MJ

Jennifer said...

Yes I would agree...Mrs Jefferson...you win! It is all good when living dangerously down hill, up hill completely different story. I can't wait for you to get to DC...I only wish my brother and his family were home in Bethesda, MD. Know they would be happy to have you over for dinner, but they are all here in IL with me at my moms house. Take care, ride safely and so glad you are almost there.

Love, Jen Smith Traficano