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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop #8 West Union, WV

Hello everyone
Hi mom. I am being safe and I love you too.

Well it's been another wonderful day. The ride today was warm but I heard that Thursday is going to be a little nicer? I am in the Appalachian mountains now. The little ones is what I have been told. I spent a lot of time climbing mini mountains today. The good part is the coasting down the opposite side. I have decided to not use my breaks (thanks Jen).
I met a guy today around Ellensboro, WV named Milton. We had a nice talk about life, marriage, loss, and retirement. I always enjoy it when someone wants to sit and have a visit and share stories. Thanks Milton, your conversation was enjoyable and came right at the right time for me. Keep on singing!!!!!
Tonight I am staying in the UMC. The church recently celebrated it's 150th year. Wow!!
Pastor Dave and his family took me out to dinner tonight. I appreciated the food and the company. Thanks for the hospitality!!!
Tomorrow I ride on to Grafton, WV. I am assuming that the climbs are going to get more difficult? So I am going to call it a night and get some rest for the next ride. Cya TK


Jennifer said...

glad you followed my advice to live dangerously ;-)

I am still here in Rantoul, IL visiting family. Going through alot of closets and old things of my moms. My brother and his family, my 5 nieces and nephews, are all here so it is great to spend time with them.

Best of luck with the "mini mountains" of WV. It rained quite a bit tonight, big dark grey clouds and then rain....I was happy to see it, cause don't see much of that in AZ that's for sure.

Looking forward to your next post!!

Ride safely.

Enjoy the down hill. :-)

Jen Smith Traficano

Sean King said...

First of all i just wanted to tell you how awesome i think it is that your doing it..You truly are an inspiration to us all especailly me. I am sitting next to dad and your mom they both say hello. Tash and I came down to visit for a week so dad could meet her and just simply get away and have a mini vacation. Everything is going great for me. Just finished up my first year at the Academy and man was it tuff but glad i got through it none the less. Miss you a lot and cant wait to hear more from you about your trip and what your doing. Ill keep track now that i know what your site is and will keep leaving comments....Love you so much and talk to you soon!!