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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop #7 Coolville, OH

Hello bigride fans
Today was a beautiful ride. I almost got rained on but I made it to a Marathon gas station minutes before a down pour. I was glad to be able to ride on a bike path for a short time today. Pastor Katherine called me and told me about some construction on highway 50. She gave me some great directions and worked me around all of it. I actually got to ride right by Ohio Univeristy. Ever heard of it? Beautiful campus and facilities. Katherine offered to take me to dinner tonight so I had a wonderful meal, thanks Katherine. I really enjoyed your company and I appreciate you offering me a place to sleep at the church! Thanks a bunch!!!!!
Yesterday was pretty boring. There is not much to do in Mcarthur, so I slept, stretched, and watched a lot of TV.
Jennifer asked what was on my sign? St.Louis to Washington DC in honor of my friend Caleb Zarzecki.
It's starting to come apart a little from all the high speed down hills I've been blasting down. I actually like climbing hills once I get my mind right. Going down the hills is a little more scary!!Should I maybe use my breaks??? HHmmmm. That's about it for tonight. Thanks for reading and sharing about Caleb and my blog. The trip is going very well and I am in good spirits!!!! Cya


Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, I vote yes...use the breaks when going down hill:-)

Jennifer said...

I vote no....live dangerously ;-) Hope you are well...take care of yourself.

Jen Smith Traficano

Michelle Jefferson said...

My kids always did say I'm too over-protective, so don't use the breaks, but if anything happens it's Jen's fault:-)