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Monday, June 21, 2010

rest day

Hello everyone
Today is my last rest day. I needed a break to be honest but it's also tough sitting around. I'm glad to have a room and not to be in a tent. I have 6 more days to riding until I reach DC. I am looking forward to seeing this next part of the country. The hills are much more do able now that I am prepared and getting stronger on the bike. Riding early in the morning as been very beautiful. I know it sounds crazy but Sunday/Fathers Day was my best day on the bike so far. I only saw a couple of tractor trailers the entire day instead of a couple every minute. With that said I also want to give a ton of credit to the motorist and truckers who have passed me so far. I have been given lots of room by almost every single driver!!! Thanks. Tuesday I ride to Coolville,IN. The next stop after that is West Union, WV. I plan on taking more pictures if I see something wirth photgraphing. So far it's just been lot's of rolling hills and fields. I hope everyone is doing well out there. Don't worry about me, I'm doing much better and enjoying every moment of my journey. I will be posting every night that I can the rest of the trip. Keep the safe trip prayers heading my way!!!! Cya. TK


Jennifer said...

prayers are coming your way as always. I am here in Rantoul hanging with my brother and family. Think of you alot and hope your journey is safe and your strength unwavering. Wore your AMAZING shirt today...got quite a few questions about it and was happy to share your story and Caleb's. Safe travels. Proud of you as always.

Your friend, Love, Jen Smith Traficano

Jennifer said...

Oh hey, forgot to ask what the sign on the flag/back of your bike says, can't read it in the pic.

Jen Smith Traficano