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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dillsboro, IN

I am feeling much better and avoiding the heat and rain as much as possible. I really enjoyed my time in Dillsboro. The people I met at the church, vacation bible school and the pantry were amazing. I stayed the night with an older couple who were as nice as could be. I really enjoyed spending time with them at the food pantry and lunch at Linda's. This town and it's people were so open and kind anit just felt so comfortable. It was like stopping in Mayberry. Thank you Marge and Van. I was also glad to have met Tom. He is one of the pillars of the church and community. He's an art teacher, artist, and plays guitar as he puts it. Thanks for getting me to the other side of Cinncinati!!!!! That would have been scary with out you. Thanks Tom. Since I didn't have any connection for my stop last night, I went on to Hillsboro so I could get a room instead of camping. When I went in the gentleman working there told me that he wanted to pay for my room. I was very thankful and we had a great conversation about politicians and DC. He told me to take a message to them from him. "don't forget about us!" I told him I would pass it on as soon as I got there. Nice guy at Cedar Hills Motel in Hillsboro, OH. Thank you!!
Today I rode into McArthur, OH. I'm staying at a little motel and taking my last dayoff on Monday. Oh yeah, Happy Fathers Day Dad and Grandpa Rogier, and Michael Michael and to all the other dad's out there!!!! In one week from today my family will be meeting me in Washington DC. Yeah!!!!! So, I am half way and feeling great. I hope everyone out there is having a great summer. Talk to you guys again soon. Cya, T. King


Michelle Jefferson said...

Reading you updates daily and cheering you on! As always, be safe:-) Michelle J

Anonymous said...

We'll pray for some cooler weather for you Tom. Stay safe and keep writing your inspiring stories. Love that the people you meet are so kind and giving...gives a new perspective on the negativity we are always bombarded with in the media, etc. Keep on Keepin' on young man! Laura D.

Anonymous said...

We are sending daily prayers and positive energy your way. Glad I read Laura's message first. I was getting ready to type the same thing. The stories are so amazing. I love that people who never met Caleb are being introduced to his spirit.

Lisa Port