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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st Hello everyone!!!

Hello bigride fans
I hope all is well with everyone? Things are moving fast for me. My son Lucas ( 12) is playing football for the Troy Titans. He has flicked a switch this year and really developed into a good football player. Kellen ( 7 ) is staying busy too. 7th grade basketball tryouts are Friday and Saturday this week. I hate this time of year because I have to cut kids. But I am also excited about getting a new season started. I will be very busy the next 3 -4 months but I will be posting information still at the beginning of each month. I still plan on doing another bowling night and I think Robin Zarzecki and I are going to put another fund raising evening together? So stay tuned, I will let you know more soon.
I am looking for some input. The ride this summer will be from St.Louis to Washington DC. Does anyone have any experience with the best way to get there by bicycle? I know it's going to be more populated going east so I'm just looking for some advice before I start the planning process. Ask around and if you have some good information, let me know at tking1@kahoks.org

Thanks! Take care, have a great day, and get out and exercise!!!!! Cya. Tommy K


Jennifer said...

Hey Tom, I will check with my brother and see if he has any ideas on good routes for you to take. He has made the drive to DC from IL many a time and probably will have some input!!

I will let ya know.

tayzli said...

Hey there,
I am a little late on responding to your October post! Anyway, I would love to help out with the fundraiser! Tay could even get some of the kids from Caleb's class to help. I know they would jump at the chance to do something.