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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stop # 29 Moravia, IA

Hello bigridefans
Yesterday was a joy!! Here is a saying I am gong to live by, "He who laughs, gets laughed at."
When I went into Knoxville the other day I decided to stop at a McDonald's and grab some food. A wonderful retired PE teacher on a bicycle stopped to talk. As we were talking an older guy walked by and said, " bet you thought Iowa was flat?" He walked into the restroom laughing to himself and I think, at me? He is right, I think most people assume it's flat? I did. But after a few days of headwinds, horrible highways, and hills, I figured it out pretty quick. It has been tough but like I have said before, I kinda enjoy the suffering.
I couldn't find the Pastor in Moravia so I went into this little motel called Angel's. The owner there asked me a few questions about what I was doing? She then gave me an amazing rate on a room. What can I say, it just seems to work out if you just keep the Faith. Thanks to everyone at Angels, the food was great too. We had a thunderstorm last night but I guess i didn't hear it? HHmmm, I wonder why?

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tayzli said...

Kirksville MO! My parents spent a lot of money sending my sister to college in that town. Hope the people of Truman University were good to you! Keep staying safe

lisa port