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Monday, July 27, 2009

A few thank you's and aheads up

Hello again again
* I forgot to share a few things. The morning when we left De Smet, I met a guy outside the motel who had a car flat. He was in the process of riding across the country for MS. I forgot to share the story because of the mechanical problems, sorry. His name is Gabriel Redding. He is a musician and a real nice guy. He gave me a couple of CD's but I have not listened to them yet. You can check him out on facebook I think??? Just wanted to make sure I said hello to him and his business manager. Good luck the rest of the way!!!!!
* Met a guy names Scott outside of Spencer or Stuart?? He works for Goodyear. Great guy and we had a great conversation. It's nice to have so many interactions with kind hearted people. Take care Scott and thanks for the encouragement.
* Today I went into Knoxville to try and log on but the library doesn't open there until 10:00. So as I was leaving I pulled into a little store and grabbed a Powerade. The guy working asked me about what I was doing? As I was walking out he stopped me and gave me a 20 dollar bill. He said, " Here take this, your nuts, this is the least I can do, good luck!" I laughed and told him thanks. It was a kind act that wouldn't have happened if I wouldn't have went through that town. Kinda cool. So, that's $60.00 from just three people on this trip, that I never expected!
* Al Lamier. Al is a long time friend of everyone at the Cyclery and Fitness in E-Ville. He let me use his B.O.B. trailer for this journey. I never said thanks? Al, thank you. The trailer has been working great. I'll have a little something for you when I return it next week! Thanks man!

*** Sunday, August 2nd, 3:00p.m. I will be riding into my driveway. If you want to stop by and meet me as I get there, that would be great. If you can't make it, not a problem. My wife is inviting anyone who wants to come. You can contact her or Robin Zarzecki. Or you can just head towards 9206 Launius Dr. by 3:00. I will be there between 3:00 and 3:15.

Thanks everyone, it's off to Moravia. Tomorrow I'll be in Novinger, Missouri. More post soon!


Jennifer said...

Sunday, August 2nd!!!! Wow what a journey for you and I am sure you will be happy to be back home with your family. I so wish I could be there to see you and all who show at your house to support you and thank you on your return to home!!! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you in this last leg of your ride. I am hoping to get back to IL over my October break and hopefully will be able to catch up with you then. Best of luck the rest of the way. Be safe and glad your behind isn't soar anymore :-) lol There is just no question, you are simply an amazing individual, and as lucky as we were to have Caleb in our lives, he was even luckier to have you in his!!!

Take Care, and if you every make it to sunnzy "HOT" AZ, look me up. :-)


Mike said...

Hi Tom,
It's Kathy Eller! We're super excited for you and proud of your wonderful accomplishment! Keep up the good work!

I went to Gabriel Redding's facebook and wrote a note to him as well.

Ride On, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Cory goes to CP Camp Sunday or we would be in your driveway with the many people that will be there to welcome you home. Be careful these last few miles.
PS: News Flash Coach K at CHS resigned to take AD job.

Mike P & Cory K