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Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop # 28 Indianola, IA

Hello again
Yesterday I rode into Indianola, IA. The ride went pretty well. For the most part Iowa motorist are very kind. The roads are not. You know how it sounds when you drive on a road like old highway 50? T tat t tat t tat t tat t tat and it has a nice flow to it? Well on a bicycle it's more like Ba BAM Ba Bam Ba BAM. Did I mention the lack of shoulders too? I thought my tires were going blow off one way, my tubes disintegrate in the opposite direction and my spokes splinter off into oblivion. Every now and then, peace. I would hit a section and it was smooth as ice, aaahhhhhh. Did I mention hills and headwinds??? My legs are as sore as they have been on this whole trip. I finally have some days in the saddle though so my butt is not sore at all, that is a good thing!!!
I stayed in one of the biggest churches I have ever seen. Beautiful. I hope the picture does it a little justice? I didn't get to meet Pastor Kay Hooper, but I did speak to her on the phone. She was very kind and I want to make sure I say thank you. Thanks Pastor Kay to you and the church family. So I am on my way to Moravia still today. I think it's only 10-15 miles from here. Thanks for all the nice comments, and for all the prayers!

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