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Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop # 27 Stuart, IA

Sorry I couldn't post the last couple of days. I didn't have access to a computer. Right now I am in a little town called Albia. I am stopping at the public library so I can post and let everyone know I have not been hit by a car. Just kidding! Stuart was very nice. I had to show somemore faith. I had spoke to Pastor Bob the day before and he knew I was coming. But when I got there no one was home and he didn't answer his cell. I sat down and relaxed and not long after that couple of younger guys came the church to clean. When they were leaving I explained my situation and they let me in. Shortly after that Pastor Bob got back from a hospital visit. He and his wife went to the hospital to see a friend from Pastor Clara's church. When they got back they allowed me to take a shower and then took me to dinner. I really enjoyed my time with them. They are both pastors with new assignments. They shared some personal stories and some spiritual stories with me. I could have sat and talked with them a long time. Good people, their churches are Blessed to having such wondeful people to lead them. Thanks again you two!!
The rest was pretty uneventful. Hills and headwinds.

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Michelle Jefferson said...

Just this morning Robin and I discussed the fact that you hadn't posted in a while and we were praying you were o.k., so it's really good to see your entries. Be careful on the home stretch-you know what they say about "those Missouri drivers". See ya Sunday!!!