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Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop # 26 Coon Rapids, IA

Hello again
Sorry if I scared anyone yesterday. The truck was actually 10 feet away. ( wink wink ) Today was another beautiful day in Iowa. The motorist continue to give me lots of room, thanks Iowa drivers! The wind was tough today. I think it was a 20-30 mph constant headwind. I have been riding 18-23 mph, today it was 10-12 mph on the down hills. I think I laughed too soon at the "hills" because today they got me at the end of my ride. I am tired and sore, I take it back hills!
Last night I went to dinner at the Sac County Cattle Company restaurant. I felt like treating myself so I ordered a salad, baked potato, steak and a Coors Light. The steak was perfect and so was everything else. I had a wonderful waitress and we had a chance to talk a few minutes. She asked about what I was doing and I told her all about Caleb and the bigride. When it was time to pay she told me the dinner was on the house. I was shocked, I told her I should have ordered a burger. She laughed and I was kinda at a loss for words? Thank you to everyone at the Sac County Cattle Company for your kindness and for a wonderful meal.
Today when I got to Coon Rapids I stopped at the UMC here. No one was around so I made a few phone calls and was put in touch with Pastor Lynn. He came to the church and the both of us sat on the lawn in the shade and had an incredible conversation. We both shared some personal stories and shared our thoughts with each other. It was another powerful interaction for me personally. Thank you Pastor Lynn for sharing a part of yourself with me!! I also want to thank your church family for letting me stay in the church tonight! Thanks.
I talked to my mom yesterday, that always cheers me up! Hi Mom.
HHmmm? Well, I think that's about it? On to Stuart, IA in the morning!!! C ya TK


Michelle Jefferson said...

Hey, Tom, I bet if you could do it over you'd leave out that story about the trucker missing you by 2 feet. You probably heard my gasp all the way from Troy. Glad to hear you're safe. Keep it that way will ya. As always your stories are great. Thank you again on behalf of everyone who knew and loved Caleb. Michelle J

Vicki Fisher said...

Good to meet you yesterday. The Cattle Company has great food plus small town hospitality - I'm not surprised at their kindness. Blessings on your journey!

Pastor Vicki Fisher

Anonymous said...

We enjoy reading your blog! Keep it up and stay safe!
The Speer Family

Sara Fincham said...

Hey, Tom. This is Lisa Port's little sister. I'm a physical therapist out in Arizona. The ladies all came out from Troy to visit me last week. Tay and Lisa were so pumped about your Caleb-quest. What a seriously cool journey!
Take care, stay away from large trucks, and stretch after every ride!

Donna Laird said...

Hey Tom!!! What an inspiring journey.....I love reading your blogs & telling Jeff about all that you are getting to do & the wonderful people you are meeting. I always knew you were a wonderful person, but now the world is seeing it too!!! :)

tayzli said...

Leave it to my Physical Therapist sister to remind you to stretch. I guess that is why she works at Mayo! She is a marathon rider just like my dad! The have a huge respect for the miles you are putting in daily.

Lisa Port