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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop # 21 Newcastle, Wy

Hello bigrideking fans
Ouuuuuch. Today hurt. Terrible. Painful. Windy. Dry. Windy. Vast dessert land. 18 wheelers. Two lane highways, little to no shoulders. Windy. Almost 90 miles in the saddle today. There were times today when my bike and trailer would be moved 2-3 feet to the side because if the cross winds. My thumbs cramped up from holding on to the brake hoods so hard. There was not one single place between Gillette and Newcastle. Mile after mile of road. Endless amounts of road is what it felt like today. My legs were feeling it towards the end of the ride. Ok, enough whining. The ride also was very beautiful. If you like desserts? I only saw one roadside tree that would provide me some shade, ONE! lol Ahh just one of those days. I had a lot of time to think today, a lot!!!! I thought about how lucky I am to be able to take on an adventure like this one. I thought about how hard of a time I was having today and yet I was still enjoying myself. It sounds like I was miserable, but I was actually laughing at times today?? Not sure why, but it's true. I also new in my mind that I had a day off on Wednesday, that helped. I got into town and found the church. Christ the King Lutheran Church. I met Debbie there and she helped me get settled in. I really enjoyed my short conversation with Debbie. She is one of those people that when you meet her, you wish you were one of her close friends. She seems awesome!! Debbie has offered to take me to Custer on Thursday. She says that the 30 mile ride there is not bicycle friendly at all. She even expressed her concern for my safety. So I am going to think about that tonight?? I'm thinking about riding there and back tomorrow on my "day off" I'll let you all know! Thanks Debbie and thanks to the congregation for allowing me to camp at the church two nights. Hhhmmm, well that's about it? Oh, my butt is sore. Did I forget to tell you all that? This journey is going too fast now. Cya, TK

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