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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off day in Newcastle

Hi everyone
Today I slept in until 9:00 am. That was nice. When I got up I took a shower and had a cup of hot chocolate. That was nice too. Simple pleasures we all take for granted, I know I do. Thanks again to Debbie and the Christ is King Lutheran Church family!!! Debbie suggested I go the visitors center and Anne Miller Museum today. I spent about a half hour talking the gentleman at the visitors center, that was educational. I then went down the street to the museum. Very cool and extensive little museum. It's held in a former 1930's 115th Calvary Wyoming National Guard quarters. The building was constructed out of hand-hewn sandstone blocks, quarried from nearby Salt Creek. The museum is named after Anna Cecelia McMoran Miller, a daughter of a pioneer family, and widow of Sheriff Billy Miller, who was killed by a Sioux Indian in what is known as the last Indian battle in this area. She was Newcastle's first librarian, a pioneer schoolteacher and superintendent. There are a great amount of old artifacts from the Indians, cowboys, the Calvary, fossils of T-Rex and others from the local history of the town. I spent a couple of hours there and I really enjoyed it. So if you ever go through Newcastle Wyoming be sure to check it out.
I've decided to go ahead ahead and ride the 37 miles into Custer, SD Thursday morning. After speaking with a few more people about the road situation and careful consideration, I figure it can't be worse than some of the roads I've travelled on so far?? It's also suppose to be an absolutely beautiful part of the country. Sold!! Watch out truckers, RV's, and tight two lane roads with no shoulders, here I come!!! Just got a text from Jenn and the boy's, there at the hotel in Sioux City, IA. Can't wait to see them tomorrow! I will try to post a few brief blogs while I am with my family, but no promises. Hope your weather in St.Louis is clearing up?? C ya Tommy K

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great day!! So glad you will get to see your family tomorrow!!! Good luck with the ride there. Take care.