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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop # 20 Gillette, Wy

Hello again
I'm double posting since I couldn't get to a computer yesterday. I also couldn't get any reception on my cell phone. The weather was bad last night. A huge storm rolled in after 10:00 pm. Today was kinda cool and overcast. I had a real nice tailwind and my first flat tire. To be honest, I've been looking forward to it. Yep, you know it's going to happen. People have been asking me how many flat tires I've had so far? jinks??? thanks! Now I can move on to other thoughts. If you ever want to clear your mind or think about one thing for a long time, go for a looooong bike ride. Some days I look at the line and just relax and have no thoughts. Other days I spend hours thinking about one subject. It's a good thing for me I'm an optomistic person, otherwise it would be miserable out here. So that is my thought for you today. Try to be a little more optomistic that pesemistic. And it's ok to say hi to strangers and smile. Unless your mom tells you not to that is. SMILE!!!
I had a wonderful brunch at a small airport north of town. It was kinda like the airport in Mascoutah, but the food was great. I was then heading into Gillette when I had my flat. The funny thing is my flat came from the inside. A metal bead punctured the tube from the inside. I went "old school" and put a folded up 1 dollar bill up against the tire between the tube and tire. It works great!!! So, I headed into town and started looking for the Fairfield Inn & Suites. thanks John for another awesome hook-up!!!!!
Tuesday and Wensday I will be staying at the Christ is King Luthern Church in Newcastle. The UMC situation didn't work out for this stop. I decided to call another church and everything fell into place from there. I sure am getting a lot of great breaks???? HHmmmm??? So, I will post somemore in the next couple of days or so. I get to see the family on Thursday!!!
* I have had a couple of friends ask about my arrival date. If all goes as it should, I will ride my bike into St.Jacob/Troy on August 2nd ( Sunday ) in the afternoon. Somewhere between 2:00 - 4:00 pm I hope. Thanks again everyone for all your comments, support, and prayers. Cya TK


Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, My theory is that you angel (a.k.a. Caleb Zarzecki) is watching over you. He wouldn't have the patience to deal with flat tires and he'd definitely want to sleep in comfort:-) Lovin' your stories!!

Michelle Jefferson

simsjohnl said...

Tom, Glad to see that your are still going strong. My map program says that you will be at 1314 miles when you hit Custer. Have a great reunion w/your family.

calebzmom said...

AMAZING! The first thing we do, every morning, is read your blog! You keep us going! So glad the fam will be there soon! But remember again...Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly! As Caleb would say...ROCK ON! love and hugs, caleb's fam!

tayzli said...

Taylor and I are leaving to see my sister in AZ. tomorrow. We will still be keeping up with your blogs. I told my sister that when we go on our trip to CA her laptop has to come with us.

I loved the old black and white photo! What a great story

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