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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop # 19 Arvada, WY

Hello everyone
Yesterday I rode to Arvada. It was like out of that movie Car's. Arvada is off the path like Radiator Springs. You drop south 4 miles off highway 16 onto a country highway. You go over a big hill and drop in to Arvada. The road turns into a country gravel road as you pull into "town?" I stayed with my frined Cre. Cre is an amazing individual. She is 65 and is one of the two school teachers in town. K-6th with about 15-16 students. She also owns cattle, horses, land, trucks, you name it. She has lived in these parts her whole life. She is cowboy tough, and I loved getting to know her. Cre's husband was a professional roper for years. I saw some of his belt buckels, man they are impressive. Cre told me he had given tons of them away so she started grabbing them first. Her kids are grown but they too are involved with horses. Her kid's played polo. They also played at the highest level ( Olympic ). Ever heard of Sartatoga? I do know. Cre is a perfect example of a woman who is cowboy tough. My only regret is that I will only be able to tell my closest friends all the stories she shared with me. Thanks Cre for everything,. You are an amazing woman, I am humbled in your presence. You rock woman!!!!
Enjoy your last year of teaching. Then you'll have more time for the ranch and everything else you do. I hope it's ok that I shared the black and white photo? The one from the cattle drive.
C ya TK

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tayzli said...

I thought I had it hard teaching 3 grade levels last year. Cre has me beat! She must be a strong woman to teach that many grade levels. Glad you are meeting strong and encouraging people on your journey. Interesting how the people you are meeting on this trip have similar traits to Caleb.