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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop # 18 Sheridan, WY

Hi everyone
Good bye Montana!! No offense, lots of nice people, but two weeks is a loooong time! Hard to believe but I am still riding at elevations at about 4,000 ft. On the way to Sheridan I stopped in a small town called Dayton for breakfast. A retired couple on motor cycles started a conversation. While talking with them another couple started to ask questions and converse too. When I got up to go pay the husband of the other couple reaches out to give me a 20 dollar bill. He told me to put it towards that scholarship fund. Another act of kindness out of the blue. Thank you to both couples for your kind words, encouragement, and conversation.
Sheridan Wy is having Christmas in July. The rodeo is in town. It is a huge event here. The streets are packed with cowboys, cowgirls, and lots of little wranglers. Two and three year olds with boots and cowboy hats on. Unusual to me, but I can feel the heartbeat of America pounding right here. Pastor Don and his wife took me last night to see the rodeo. It was very exciting. Bareback broncos, roping, steer wrestling, barrell races, bull riding, and other events. My favorite was the indian relays. Each indian has to ride a horse (bareback) around the 1 mile track and come in and get on another horse, then repeat again. There are 3-4 people going at a time. The horses and indians are all painted up in traditional stuff. It was dangerous and scary but the skill of these yougmen was obvious. I was impressed and very glad to have this experience. Thanks for taking me last night Don and Zell and thanks for letting me stay in the church basement during my visit.

Thanks Mike Eller for doing the map for me and everyone else, very cool!!!!!
Taking a day off today ( Saturday ) My legs are toast!! See my family in 5 days
Yes, I've been talking to the Indian! You too should talk to the Indian!

The Little Bighorn Battlefield was very cool. It's hard to imagine that all that happened. Once I was there though, I could visualize it, feel it, and imagine what happened. I hope all of you get a chance to visit there. I also had lots of conversations while there. It seems that when people see you are on a bicycle, you are a non threat. People are interested. I really enjoyed talking to one of the park rangers. He is a Special Education teacher in Colorado. I also spoke to a guy from Colorado about cycling. He was a delightful gentleman, and very interesting. I usually just listen. People are much better at talking than listening, that is what I noticed so far. But for me that is cool because I think I'm a better listener than talker. Which one are you???? HHmmm?? Next stops are Arvada, Gillette, Newcastle, WY then Custer, SD and the King's!!

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