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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop # 17 Wyola, MT

Crow Reservation is beautiful everyone. If you ever feel boxed in, go spend some time in Montana. When I arrived at Wyola I went to the K-12 school. The lady's there were very kind. They asked the custodian, Leonard if he knew where I could sleep that night? He had an apartment that a teacher had recently moved out of available. It had AC, lights, a restroom, and a little couch. Thanks Leonard. And thanks to the lady's at the school, they made me a lunch while I was waiting for Leonard. I had a wonderful conversation with a lady about the reservation and life in Wyola. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!!! Take care. TK

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Donna Laird said...

You are AWESOME Tom!!! What an honor for Jeff, Robin, Caleb, Luke & Bela!! I'm sure Caleb has been smiling down on you the whole trip!! You have such a huge heart....It's such a joy to read all of your stories of the kindness of the world & the great people you have been able to experience.....Love ya'.....