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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let me back up a day or two

Hi friends
I wanted to share a Billings, MT story. I was leaving out of Billings in the morning when I got mixed up on how to get out of town without crossing the interstate bridge. I pulled into this little station and I asked a guy for some direction. I asked if he could throw my stuff in his truck and drop me off outside of Billings. He said no problem. While I was telling Joe Wonder, (real name) my story, this woman pulls up. She asked me a few questions and asked about donating. I told her about the FCB scholarship fund but she wanted to donate now!!! She handed me a 2o dollar bill, said "God Bless you" and she pulled away. I told her, she was the first person to offer a donation on my trip so far. It was a very nice experience, I was touched. Thanks Becky!!!!!
Thanks Joe Wonder for the lift out of Billings, I hope your wife's back gets better!!!
* Hello to coach Cory Knight!!! I hope your having a great summer!!!
* Hello to Mason H. I hope your working on your left hand and your jumper from the elbows!!
* Hi mom!! Dad! Bob! Dave! Jeff!
* Big B is going down today, I wish I could be there to see it for myself. Congrats Val and Chad Best wishes to the both of you on your wedding day!!!!! I am thinking about you guys!!!

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tayzli said...

We love the pictures you are taking of the people you meet along the way. It is awesome to see the faces of people that never knew our Caleb but now know his spirit!
The Port Family