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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stop # 16 Hardin, MT

Hello again
The ride to Hardin was incredible. The ride was on a road that has very little traffic. I think I saw 5 cars total. My mind couldn't help but to wonder. I could picture the Native Indians roaming the vast area. I could picture wagons and people working their way across the area too. Today was one of my favorite riding days for sure!!! Amazing!
I had some great fortune today. I couldn't get in touch with the UMC people? I called a couple of the other churches and guy from the Catholic Church called me and told me to go to the Lariat Motel. So the Catholic Church in Hardin picked up the bill for my over night stay. Very cool!!
I went to look for a place to get food and ran in to Sal. Sal owns a little shop and food joint. We sat outside and had a wonderful conversation. She bought my meal and gave me a free t-shirt from her shop. Thanks a lot Sal, you rock woman!!!!! I think that's about it for now?? I'm not going to take a day off on Thursday. I'm going to visit the Battle of Little Big Horn Battlefield during my ride to Wyola. I feel strong so I want to stay on the bike for now. Besides, the weather is going to be great and I should have a tail wind??? I hope! Cya, TK


Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, It is so refreshing to read your stories about all the kind hearted people you're running into. I always tell my kids that there are more kind people than evil people in the world, it's just that we hear only about the bad. Your stories are proving my point! Motor on!!
Michelle Jefferson
p.s. Sorry to hear about Jr. Puppy. Don't know Kellan, but he sounds awesome:-)

Big B said...

Did you talk to the indian?????

Big B said...

that's an inside joke. Only Tom and Doug would get that!


tayzli said...

Don't know who Big B is but your last post was way funny! We are so glad to see the local churches and people supporting you. Wear Sal's shirt with pride. That will be one powerful and cool souvenir.

The Port Family

Becky said...

I'm glad to know you made it to Hardin. It was great meeting you at the Zip Trip! You inspire me!

Becky (red PT cruiser!)