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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jr. Puppy

Ok, here is another story. It is very hard to keep track of everything. Not an excuse, just a reminder. I'm not sure exactly what happened but JRP decided to stay back. I think it was after Thompson Falls or so? I was very upset. I even had a Tom Hanks ( Cast Away ) moment where he realizes his volleyball is gone. You know what I'm talking about. I was terrified about having to tell Kellen. So I waited and after a couple of days he asked how JRP was doing? I had to tell him," I can't find him and I am real sorry." I was expecting him to start crying and get upset and get mad at me! As I braced for the worst, the loving spirit of a child came through for me. He says, " dad, don't worry about it, Jr. Puppy actually knows how to servive in the wilderness. He has had experinece in the wilderness before. He can take care of himself." I was blown away. Days of extra weight off my shoulders with just three lines from my son!!!!
I think we as adults seem to over think and complicate things. Thanks for keeping it simple Kellen!! I love you and I look forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!!! Love daddy


Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about JRP...when I initially read it, I immediately thought of Tom Hanks and then went on to read you were thinking the same. JRP also made me think of those commericals where the little girl sticks the stuff monkey or some kind of animal in her dads suitcase when he goes on a trip and he ends up sending back pics of every stop he makes....So glad to hear Kellen handled that so well.Saw on the google map that you will make a stop in Idaho...that's where Joe and I were for the last five days, but in Hailey, ID. The mountains there are so beautiful and GREEN, don't get much of that in AZ.
Safe travels.


Anonymous said...


Cory got back from CP Camp last week and has been following your adventure. I think we all forget how fortunate we are not to have disabilities to deal with. We were in the same area's last month on our way to Canada and saw all those crazy bike riders pedaling up the inclines. I know it must be tuff, but keep the focus! Be Safe!

Mike Pamatot
Cory Knight

Anonymous said...

Hey TK! Amazing how you pull yourself through this big ride. Incredible! So wonderful that you've met kind and helpful people during your ride. I can only imagine all the beautiful things you see and experience. Don't tell anyone but I'm kinda jealous of you. lol What's been the strangest thing you've seen on your ride besides all the bungy cords along the road? Anyway, I'm so glad you got to do this for yourself. Enjoy it to the fullest! Take care and I'll be looking forward to more of your stories. :)

Your friend,

tayzli said...

You have such a great and supportive family! You are a very lucky man. Silver Creek moved me to 2nd and 3rd grade for this coming year so I will see your wonderful Kellen and all his friends for another year.

Stay safe