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Monday, July 6, 2009

Stop #13 Harlowton, MT

I made it to Harlowton yesterday. I actually had one of my best rides so far. There were still ups and downs but they are getting smaller. I was also able to ride at 23-24 mph for a couple of hours at the end of the ride. I feel I am getting stronger and I am well rested. Last night I was suppose to stay at the Church. It started pouring so a neighbor named Robert came over and asked me if I wanted to stay at the Old Milwaukee R.R. Depot? It is this cool old station that they are in the process of restoring. Robert is a super cool guy and I really enjoyed his conversations and company. He once walked from Lavina, MT to New York. Lavina is my next stop by the way?? Thanks Robert. I also met a guy named Don. He lives across from the old station and is a retired railroad guy. He shared lots of stories about the station, the town, and some of his persona stuff. Very interesting guy.
Anyone wondering about JRP? I'll share that story on Tuesday.
B. The answer was bungy cords. If you ever need a bungy cord just drive along side these highways and you can find tons of them. Is there a resale value for bungy cords?????
My friend Robert just made me a great pancake breakfast. Thanks for the food and for letting me use your computer. Oh, by the way, he's a writer. He wrote a book called Baby Doctor Old Soul Returns to Earth by Dr. Bob. I have not read it yet but if you want more info here is his site. rockymountainastrologer.com On to Lavina, then Billings. Cya TK


tayzli said...

Glad to hear about your pancake breakfast. I am sure you are burning the calories like crazy. but for such an amazing reason. Zarzecki's got back yesterday but Robin is still without a computer.

The Port Family

auntjimmilyn said...

Hi Coach King! I am Caleb's Aunt Jimmilyn. Thanks for sharing Caleb's story. I realize that your route doesn't include Louisian. But if you happen to visit just know that you are welcome. I would love to meet you and your family. I remember Caleb talking about Coach King.

Jennifer said...

Hey Tom, it's jennifer just checking in to see how the ride is going. I have been away from the computer and on vacation so wasn't able to track your journey this last week. Hope all is well with you. I was in Idaho with my in-laws and was spreading word of your journey. You have alot of us praying for your safety and admiring you for this awesome task you have taken on. All worth it!!!!! I know Caleb is smiling down on you with every pedal. Take care. Jennifer