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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stop # 12 White Sulpher Springs, MT

Hello from Gods Country!!
Big Sky Montana. It is so amazing out here. I asked a woman in Helena about the rest of the mountains east of Helena. She told me that there were no more after Helena. Uh, maybe not compared to Glacier National Park. I thought I was done with climbing?? Not yet. Today was a very tough day in the saddle. Lots of climbing. One climb was over 3 miles long. But even through the suffering, I felt lucky to be in control. I thought about Caleb a lot today. This is his second Independence Day from pain. I thought about how lucky I am to have my family, an amazing community, great friends, and to be healthy. I was in a lot of pain today physically, but I felt so fortunate to be in control of it. I have been riding for two weeks now, it's hard to believe it's going so fast???
Observation: What do you think I have seen the most of on the sides of these highways?
A. Beer cans
B. Bungy cords
C. Pennies
D. Nails

The answer in my next blog post, stay tuned bigridefans!! Hey Chad B. you nervous yet?
Have a great July 4th everyone, especially my wonderful mother. Hi mom, love you!!!
C ya 4 now! Tommy K


Michelle Jefferson said...

My guess is nails. I think I'm becoming a blog stalker. I'm just addicted to your adventure!!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

Chad said...

its coming soon!!! Everything will go fine. I'm checking your blog as much as I can, but no internet yet at the new house so I can't check it there.

Be safe see ya soon.


simsjohnl said...

My guess is bungy cords. Hey, if you collect enough of them you can tie them together, make a lasso, and rope a tow from a roadrunner or a bronco or mustang or a cougar or maybe even a chevrolet. Happy trails.

tayzli said...

I was thinking bungy cords. Stay safe and keep sharing Caleb's story.

william said...

Hello brother please take care and be safe D kc love you