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Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello everyone

Well I am in Townsend, MT. The ride to the State Park was incredible. The ride to Avon was also amazing. Avon was one of my stops that I didn't have lined up for sure. I did speak to someone at the little school a few month ago but that was it. When I got into "town" I saw a little store and I went in. This is a store from the old days. It was the center of the world. The woman working was named Virginia. We had a great conversation and then she started calling some people for me to get one of the little churches open. She contacted Jeff Kessler who attends and lives next door to the church. He let me in and even allowed me to use his shower. Thanks Kessler family. They have an amazing family. Great people out here in Avon, MT. I wish I could spend more time describing the scene in that little store, what a hoot!! ( in a good way!) Today was an adventure for sure. I got poured on 15 minutes into my ride. It looked ominus, but it didn't look like it was going to rain. Yep, down pour on the way to Macdonald Pass. That is the pass over the Great Divide. Not as high as Stevens Pass in the Cascaeds, but the conditions were bad. It dried off on the other side so I went into a little store and held my stuff next to some bathroom dryers. Not a great place to be but I had to get me and my things warm. Good news, clean bathrooms and low traffic. Thank you God!!! So now I am in Townsend and the pastor here, Pastor Bob Foote has paid the bill for me to stay in the Mustand Motel. Not what I was expecting, but an amazing offer. Thanks for doing that for me Pastor Foote!!!! That's about all I have the energy for now, I will blog again when I get to my next stop.
Lisa Port and Robin Z. - I did get your messages!!! Thank you. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words. It is lifting me up when I am tired and calming me down when I am resting!
Cya, Tommy K

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Michelle Jefferson said...

Hey Tom, Your blog has now become a family affair! I'm hearing every day now: "So, where is he now?" Take care and be safe. the jefferson family