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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi again

Wel I made it to the top of the Summit. I know it wasn't a snow covered mountain but it was 5,ooo ft. I had a chance to do some inner thinking and get some exercise. People here are active and very friendly. The Mizzou visor draws a lot of attention but I don't mind because then I get to share my story about Caleb. I know today is a tough day for everyone who loves Caleb. My heart and soul goes out to all of you. I know how much he ment to so many people. It seems a though everyone admired his strength and positive outlook. I want to say a special hello to the Zarzecki Family today. You are on all of our minds, please remember how many different people your son touched in his short life. He is missed but his life changed others.
Thanks to the Cluphf's. Great people!!! Words can not say how much your kindeness has ment to me. Thanks you, thank you thank you... Oh, and yes Jennifer ( great PE teacher!) It's Dr. Dave Cluphfs P's.
Next stop is Salmon Lake State Park, then Avon, then through Helena and on to Townsend, Mt.
I am not sure if I will get to a computer until Townsend???? Ok? Well take care everyone, I hope you all have made this a wonderful day!!!!! I love you Lucas, Kellen, and Jenn!! Cya TK


tayzli said...

Tom- you couldn't have phrased it better. Each day without Caleb is a huge loss to the world but a great gain to Heaven. Stay safe


tayzli said...

Tom - Make sure you read the postings from "Hello from Quincy" I posted something from Robin and I want to make sure you see it. I must have placed it on an older post by accident

lisa port

tayzli said...

Hi Mr. King,

I was a good friend of Caleb's since the second grade and you're right, today was a tough day for all. I can't find words that are suitable enough to describe what you're doing in honor of him. This means so much to me and others right now. Stay safe!

Taylor Port

Monica said...

I'm Michelle's daughter and I just wanted to say that it's really uplifting that you're doing this. Good luck and I'm thinking of and missing Caleb today too!

auntjimmilyn said...

Hi Tom, We are in Louisana at my sisters! It has been killing us not to cheer you on. We just left Gulf Shores. We had a nice time but it just wasn't the same without Caleb. It was our first family vaca w/o him. We sent a beautiful firework up to Caleb on June 30th. It was 3 ft. tall and about 1 ft wide! I know he was smiling! We thought of you and all you are doing in his honor and said a special prayer for you and your family. Words can't express our gratitude to you! It has been so healing. We have been following along until our computer crashed! yikes! The first thing I did when we got to sis's house was log on and see how you were! The close calls scared me of course! Caleb will be with you but don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!!!! You have given us so much, you have no idea! Love to you all and we will check on jen and boys as soon as we get home! Ride! TOM! RIDE!

auntjimmilyn said...

tom, the aunt jimmilyn comment was from jeff, robin, luke, and bela, and of course Caleb!