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Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to civilization!

Hi everyone
I have been unable to get to a computer so I will get everyone caught up. I tried to get some new pics up but it wasn't working for me, I'll try again later.
Stop # 7 Thompson Falls, MT. Wow, hyw. 200 is an amazing road!!!! I can't even begin to describe it!!!! On the way I was going down a hill and I looked back and one of my pins broke and part of my trailer was hanging off, should have been a crash. I was pretty jittery after that.
When I got to my campsite, the manager remembered me and my e-mail about my ride for Caleb. She told me to camp for free!!! Very kind and thoughtful to remember me from 2 months ago!! Thanks Linda. Later that day I am in Thompson Falls and I go to this little place called Lil Bears. MAN!!! It was only a sandwich with some fruit, but I am serious, it was a work of art. It was also the best lunch I ever had as far as taste and appearance goes. I was having a nice conversation with a retired couple before they left the place. They asked a lot of questions about Caleb and me, I really enjoyed talking to them. When I asked for my bill, the waitress told me the couple had just paid for my dinner. She said they asked her not to tell me until after they had already left. WOW!! I was speachless!!!! I told several people about this because I was unable to thank them. So, if you guys are out there and you are reading this blog, thank you very much.
Stop # 8 Dixon/ Arlee, MT I was suppose to stay in Dixon, but Dixon is smaller than it's name, no joke. One little dive bar, three building, and maybe ten houses??? So I rode another 15 miles and went to Arlee, MT. Good move, this town has a least 500 people. I stayed at the Pow Wow Park???? It is all open and you put a tent where you want. On July 1st the place will be packed with festival goers for a week long celebration of Native Indian customs. I really wish I could have been there for that. Last night in my tent, I could hear people banging drums and chanting the high pitched chants of aayyyyyyyyayyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, it was cool. I had an amazing view of the Mission Mountains ( rockies) and great weather, sweet day!!
Stop #9 Lolo, MT ( think Missoula) Well, road construction got me today. Luckily my friends dad could take me past all of it. Thanks Mr. Cluphf, you saved my butt!!!! Next stop is Salmon Lake State Park.
I was suppose to take a day off there on Wednesday, but I have decided to take a day off early here. In Missoula Montana they have a mountain called the M. It's a good hike with lots of swithchbacks. I am going to do it in the morning. As most of you know, tomorrow is the one year date of our friend Calebs last day here on earth??!! It is going to be a tough day for Caleb's family and closest friends. I have been thinking about that little man even more in the last couple of days. It has been difficult, there has already been lots of adversity, but it has also been
peaceful!! I hope you can all experience some peace on Tuesday. Go out of your way to be extra kind. Hold a door open for someone. Tell someone you really care about how much they mean to you. Forgive a friend, forget it and move on so you can strengthen that relationship. Do anything for someone else and you too will feel better. Thank you all for your comments!!!!!
It's an awesome feeling knowing I have all of your support. I will post more on Tuesday


Jennifer Randoll said...

We've been thinking about you!!! It sounds like you are having an amazing time!!! Stay safe, and we will keep checking on you!!!

The Randoll Clan

Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, You couldn't have said it any better. Think of Caleb today and smile! He is right there with you, painfree with a smile on his face. He'd probably be yelling "Slow down, Mr. King!" but laughing the whole time:-) Be safe. michelle jefferson

Donna Laird said...

Hey Tom! LOVE YOUR BLOG! It looks like you are seeing & experiencing some amazing places & people...I am SURE Caleb is smiling down on you & touching all of these wonderful peoples hearts as they support you along your journey!!!! Isn't it amazing all the neat, caring people out there??!!! LOVE YA'!!!!

Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, I noticed this morning that new comments are appearing on old posts, so make sure you check all the way back to day 1. don't want you to miss any of your support group!!!

Queenie said...

Hi Tom,

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was Caleb's 6th grade teacher. You probably heard him refer to me as "Queenie". I can't remember how he got that started, but he did. At any rate, he's on my mind more today than usual, although I think of him nearly every day. I just wanted to let you know that I think he would absolutely love the fact that you're doing this for him. He loved you a lot. He really enjoyed it when you would come into my classroom and talk to him, especially if he got out of reading to talk with you! ha! He was a fine little man and he touched an amazing number of people in his short time here with us. He went through a lot of physical pain in his life, but that boy had a positive outlook like no other. I know that he's watching you every step (pedal) of the way and he has that enormous grin on his face that we all loved. Please take care and be safe. We're all supporting you and your efforts. Let us know what you need and we'll get it to you. :)

Be Safe.

Jennifer said...

Hey Tom, it's Jen Smith remember me?! :-) The old PE teacher from Dewey St, who now is married and lives in AZ. I got a email from Lisa Port about your bike ride honoring Caleb!! Thank you so much for doing it!!! I miss Caleb very much, as we all do. That little guy sure held a special place in my heart. I agree with Michelle, I am sure he is right there alongside of you watching your every peddle....I look forward to following your journey on the blog. Take Care and will post again real soon. God Bless you.

Jen Smith Traficano

Jennifer said...

Oh, forgot to ask....is the Mr. Cluphf that helped you out, Dave Cluphf from SIUE??!!!

Jen Smith Traficano