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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandpoint, ID

Hello friends.
Sandpoint might be the most beautiful place on earth? I have seen a lot of places in my life and I am serious, this is the place to be!!! If you are looking for a place to vacation, check it out!!
The weather has been amazing!!!! The views have been beautiful too!!!! I love the mountains but I am a flatlander and I am looking forward to some flats in a few more days. This is the end of my first week away, ( "only a week" ) a little over 5 weeks left. I hope everyone is doing well? I will be at Thompson Falls, MT Saturday at an RV campsite. I'm not sure if I will have a computer to log onto to? Just letting everyone know! Take care and stay cool!!!! Cya. TK


Anonymous said...

Coach King,

Cory and I have found the sight and will be with you the rest of the way. Cory leaves tomorrow for CP Camp in Missouri. The trip looks and sounds awesome Keep it up and be SAFE.

Mike Pamatot
Cory Knight

JEFF KING said...

YO Bro
It's amazinig how big your ride is. The statue of liberty has nothing on you. Keep it bro, I'm enjoying watching this trip through your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lance-
I am glad things have gotten off to a great start. The legs must be feeling great.
Chris Carmichael

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I am Caleb's
6th grade teacher from TMS. This is such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful young man. Thank you and keep safe on your journey. I will be following along to offer words of encouragement! Thanks again from all of us who have had our lives touched by Caleb and his courageous family. Keep pedaling man!

simsjohnl said...

I've got your journey mapped out so far on Microsoft Streets and Trips program and it looks like you're "kickin' it old school". I'm jealous -would love to be out there riding with you. Of course, if I was, I'd still be west of the mountains and crying for a motorized 4-wheeler to take me home pronto. Thinking of you and all the Zarzeckis.
John Sims