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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks Hank

Hey, I forgot to give Hank a shout out. Thanks Hank for telling me about the Centennial Trail!! It was a little confusing around the city, but going along the creek was amazing, thanks again!!


Hank said...

You're welcome, Tom. And welcome to Spokane.

I have just one point of order, though. I've been to the St Louis area and I've seen the Mississippi River and I realize the "creek" you're referring to is diminutive in comparison. That was the Spokane River you were riding alongside. But we'll let you slide since you're from out of town 'n' all. ;-)

tayzli said...

We were having a "miss Caleb day" around my house today. I decided to get on your blog and just see the positive and I did. I love that Caleb is taking care of you along your journey. What a huge difference he made in all of our lives.

lisa Port