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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Highs & Lows Stop # 23 Worthington, MN

Hello again
Yesterday I rode into Worthington. Low, I had to say goodbye to the family. High, I had a great tailwind. Low, the road was terrible for the first 15 miles, very rough hard bumps. High, the weather was perfect and the road got smoother. Low, I pulled into Worthington and discovered my rear wheel was knocked way out of true ( I thought). I knew something was wrong so I started asking about the nearest bike shop. Nothing for 60 miles in each direction. I took a closer look at me wheel and realized that my wheel is cracked. Not fixable, broken. I started asking strangers if they knew any cyclist? Nope. I went to the Ace, Ac Delco, a Karate place, then finally to the Chamber of Commerce. I called all the bike shops within a 75 mile radius and no one thought they could help? High, finally one of the bike shops made contact with a cyclist in town here. Gary called me and told me he could call his friends at the bike shop he uses in Sioux Falls. After he got off work Gary and his wife Nancy picked me up and drove me 70 something miles to a bike shop. Low, I wasn't expecting this expense but it's one of those things you can't plan for. High, they had a lower end wheel so I didn't have to pay $500.00 for a new back wheel. So, my day ended on a High note. I really never got that upset. I knew that I would get through it if I just stayed calm and continued to silent pray. Ahhh Adversity, learn to love it and deal with it. So I am getting back on the road this morning. Everything is fine, the weather is amazing, I'll have a tailwind, and my spirits are high!!!!! I am going to wing it today and Thursday. I feel good so I am going to just ride until I want to stop the next couple of days. I will let you know more when I get to my next stop.

* My neck is the most sore part on my body, sometimes my right groin gets tight, thanks for the question.
* Thank you Gary and Nancy, I believe in Carma, you got a double dose of it heading your way soon, thanks again for reaching out to help a stranger!!!!
* Dr. Bob in Harlowton, I finished your book, Baby Doctor. I really enjoyed it. Very interesting. I believe I was suppose to meet you, sounds weird but I do. I really want to share the poem at the end of the book with my friends if I can??? Let me know, ok?? tking1@kahoks.org
Take care, Cya TK


Pastor Mike said...

Tom, glad you got on your way from Worthington! Sorry we ended up being an unlucky place for you with your tire trouble! I'll keep checking your blog--best of luck to you!

tayzli said...

Mr. King, Caleb is watching over you.

Taylor Port
(Caleb's friend)