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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop # 24 Spencer, Iowa

Hello bigride fans
Today was another wonderful day in the saddle. I had great weather and a little tailwind to ride in. I met Dennis in Sanborn, IA at a burger joint. We had a wonderful conversation about many things. I really enjoyed sitting and talking with Dennis. Thanks Dennis for sharing your story and for your encouragement. I decided to go all the way to Spencer and wing it. I was going to camp but the cost of that wheel yesterday is still stinging. I pulled into the First Christian Church and went to the office. I was speaking to the lady there when Pastor Dan walked in. He said I could stay in his basement tonight because his family is out of town. I was Blessed again with another act of kindness. I'm glad too because I just went to a bike shop here in town and my chain is shot. So I guess I can apply that camp cost to the chain instead. Just like my body, the bicycle is breaking down. Just kidding, I actually feel very strong right now on my bike. They have a few rolling hills here in Iowa but nothing like I already went through so I feel really good. I have been thinking about Caleb a lot today. I was able to share the story with a few interested people and it helped me deal with some of this adversity the last couple of days. I have been doing a lot of silent praying the last couple of days and it has really helped. One of the lady's at the Chambers of Commerce in Worthington wished me good luck yesterday while I was trying to figure out the back wheel issue. I told her that I don't need luck, I have faith!! And it all worked out. ( somehow?) I plan on riding to Lakeside, IA on Thursday.
* Another biiiiiiiig thanks to Gary and Nancy
* Special hello to Dennis from Sanborn
* Special thanks to Pastor Dan and the church family here in Spencer. Thanks!!! Cya 4 now. TK

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