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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comments challenge

I just read the comments from Michelle and Jen. Great stuff! I've decided to offer all of you a challenge. Please take a moment to share a comment about your relationship with Caleb or a great memory you have with him. I've been telling everyone from Seattle to Kirksville about him. There are a lot of people who I have met that are now following along on the blog too. Help me tell others about Caleb by sharing some memories. Are you up to it? Is that way to much work?

* This is for Lucas, Grandpa Rogier, and Joel Rogier. I went to Ponderosa tonight and got the buffett. I went through 5 plates. I got my money's worth. I ate so much food, I only had one drink and no dessert. Sorry Grandma, I couldn't do it. So, " I'M FULL!"
* Hi mom, love you!
Take care everyone TK


Michelle Jefferson said...

Hey Coach King! I am at the Jefferson's house. I think it is so awesome what your doing. I really want to do that some day too. I will have to stay in touch and tell you the next plays I am doing. I'm sure there will be quite a few this year at SIUE. Congratulations! I'm sure you are having an incredible time and it is for an amazing cause!! I will see you SUNDAY

-Emily Kraudel-

Vicki Fisher said...

Pastor Vicki from Sac City UMC here. Our local paper did a write up about your visit here. They included contact information for those wanting to learn more or to donate. I'll send you a copy.


Burgess said...

I bet lucas could have beat you on the number of plates!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, this is your old buddy Chris Carmicheal. Lance is starting a new team called RadioShak next year, and wanted to know if you would join. All kidding aside, I am extremely impressed with the miles you have put in(with a trailor). Even though I am a cyclist, I can not imagine riding those miles day after day. You the man.
Hurry home.

calebzmom said...

The compassion we are all seeing in your stories, the mission you have set out on, and the feeling of holding my son Caleb in my arms the day he passed and knowing from the depths of my soul that his life meant so much more and that it would not end that day. I knew his love would surround me and all the others he knew. Thanks to you Tom, but also for all of your supporters, for giving us that gift. Losing a child is a feeling like no other on earth, but I can smile and be happy for Caleb, his time here was short compared to the life he has now in Heaven. He no longer hurts, he never realized he wouldn't be able to physically drive the Subuaru he always wanted, he got his first kiss, first love, but her never had to experience heart break, he got to love his unborn babysister with his whole heart, because those that knew Caleb well knew he would have been insanely jealous of Bela C. (Caleb's name spelled backwards) and loved her all the same, but it would have been "hands on your hip" kind of moments ALOT! You are reading this probably because you are Tom or either Tom's grace has touched you or Caleb's charm and story had captured your heart so kuddos to you! We are anxiously awaiting your safe arrival! Again, don't ride faster than your quardian angel can fly! calebs family