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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting on Saturday

Well I am in Skykomish. I rode about 50 miles and found a great little motel called the Cascades Inn. Great food, great people and an amazing view. Today I head up to Lake Wenatchee. Here is the scary news. I almost got hit a couple of times. Not sure why but they ended up to close for me. Dragging the trailer is tough!!! Flats no problem but hills, man!!!!!!
I am having a hard time eating, not sure why but I know I have to consume calories. I cramped up last night a little, ouchh. It's cold and rainy here too, that stinks for cycling. I miss my family too!!!! I had no idea how much until this morning when I awoke on Fathers Day. WOW!!! The next stop after Lake Wenatchee is Quincy, WA. I will try to write when I get there. I hope the sun pops out, that will make me feel a lot better. Jen tells me it's hot and miserable there?
OK, on with the adventure. I will be sharing everything I am feeling and seeing so be prepared for highs and lows in my blogs. I hope you all have a wonderful Fathers Day Weekend!!! Cya


tayzli said...

Happy Father's Day to you! I am sure you are missing your family on this day. You are setting an amazing example for your boys. Taylor (my daughter)and I were talking today about how awesome this trip is. What a way to honor Caleb and his strong spirit. Be safe

The Port Family

Anonymous said...


I was one of Caleb's home/hospice nurses. You may not know...but we had to kick Caleb out of hospice once about 4 years ago because he was living to well (the nerve of him!). So I am excited to see how you are honoring Caleb by really living! If Caleb were here on earth, he would be following your blog every day and telling everyone he knew about this. You can rest assured though he's watching from the best seat in the house! Best wishes for an exciting but safe trip!

Wings Palliative Care Program

Hank said...


Hang tough, guy! The roads will flatten out once you get to Quincy. It looks like it'll get nice and toasty for you on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I can't answer for all Washignton drivers, but we have our fair share of those who don't expect or like to see bikes on the road. Do everything you can to make yourself seen.

JEFF KING said...

Yo Bro
Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be here with you the whole way! I hope the weather gets better for you. Please stay safe on the roads and sorry I wasn't there to see you off. But we will be around when you get back. We (Anda, Sadie and I) wanted to let you know we are real proud of you.

Love you brother,
Kowboy (Jeff King)

Michelle Jefferson said...

Tom, This is so awesome! Back in 6th grade when you and Caleb had that instant connection, it was obvious to me that you were just the kind of person who would do something this huge in Caleb's memory. I could tell then that he had quite an effect on you, and it was touching to stand back and watch that unfold as the two of you sat on the rolled up wrestling mats and pretended to be driving "somewhere", or pretended to be ducking bombs, or whatever the two of you were up too:) Rock on!! and please be safe. Michelle Jefferson

beetle1170 said...

Hey Tom,

Keep it up and stay safe brother. Im amazed at the ride you are doing. Im proud of ya. Keep us all posted as much as you can and try to have a little fun through all of the pain!