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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello from Quincy

Thanks for the great comments to the last post, I appreciate all the support you are giving me!!
There are some big mountains out here!!!! When I got to my camp site the campground host starts telling me that it hasn't rained in a month. Guess what? It poured last night while I was camping. Isn't that funny? Luckily it didn't rain until after midnight. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Thanks Jessica!!!! She took me past some major construction and dangerous areas today. Right now I am at he Methodist Church in Quincy. Thanks to Keith the youth pastor, who is allowing me to stay in the basement of the church tonight!! Very cool!!!!! Special thanks to Christine. Girl, you can cook!!! That was an amazing meal and the peach cobbler was excellent!!! Thanks for doing that for me!!! So, I am off to Harrington in the morning. It's a long ways away but the weather is "suppose" to be ok. The views out here are amazing. My phone camera does not take great pictures, but I will continue to snap away.
Take care everyone, I will be back on-line as soon as I can. Cya Tommy K


Anonymous said...

Tom, what can we say! we are in awe of what you are doing. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened! you help us to do this, we miss our brave little man...he will be with you each and every day! love and godspeed to you and your beautiful family! robin and jeff zarzecki

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the crazy driver's they must not have taken driver's ed. from me or doug!!!

You missed a good time on saturday I'll send you a pic.

Big B

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to Caleb! Take care and I know you'll be safe--after all you have an angel looking out for you!
Judy Brooks

tayzli said...

Robin contacted me by facebook. Here is what she said

"My email won't work. I can't send messages to Tom either! It is killing me, tell him! we are reading everyday! he is making our hearts bleed a little less everyday we watch him GO!"

Tom- Your ride is a huge deal to everyone that misses Caleb. It is such a tribute at such a hard time. Be safe
Lisa Port