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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stop #4 Harrington, WA

Hello again.
Well I am in Harrington, WA. population 496. This is an amazing, beautiful little town. It is hard to describe it, but trust me there still are little towns out there without a single stop light!
I was suppose to stay at a little church in town but was unable to make contact with my "contact" person. Funny!! So I was going to a little park to relax and I met Mark. He was driving through town and saw my gear and asked if I had everything I neede? I told him about the church situation and he told me to bring my things on over and put my tent up at his house. Wow, thanks little angel!! So Mark lives right next door to the Catholic Church in town. Mark has two kids and a wife who works in Spokane. Thanks for lunch Mark. Great people, thanks for being so generous!!!
Well today was a great day. The weather was perfect and the roads were clear all day.
Wednesday I head to my Aunt Betty's near Spokane, WA. It's called Green Acres, yep, seriously!! It's the place to be, farm living is the life for me, land spreading out so far and wide...
I'm going to let you finish on your own. So I will be taking a day off the bike on Thursday and having a visit with family. I will post more soon... Take care, cya!!!!


Chris said...

Hi Tom! Just wanted you to know that I am keeping up with your blogs. I'm really proud of you! Stay safe - CMS would not be the same without you! Maybe you should wear a bright neon green shirt all the time! HaHa!

Keep pedaling!
Chris Clark

JEFF KING said...

yo bro
keep up the good work and please be safe. watch out for crazy drivers. ill chat at you after awhile. tell aunt betty hey and that I love them.

Michelle Jefferson said...

Hey Tom, As we approach the 1 year mark of Caleb's passing, my mind keeps going to what the look on his face would be and what comments he'd make knowing you we're doing this for him!! Do you realize that checking your blog daily and rooting you on is what's going to get alot of us through this 1 year mark? ESPECIALLY Robin, Jeff, and Luke. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip from Mark and Candace in Harrington. Our email is mandccc@hotmail.com

Rhyno said...

Hey Tom,

Rooting you on from O'Fallon,IL. Just wanted to say "keep it up" and stay safe.

Mark and Beth Rhyne