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Friday, June 19, 2009

Here we go. I'm in Seattle

Hello everyone
Well I made it. It looks like I brought the rain too? They have not had rain in 30 something days and well guess what? It's raining with rain in the forcast for the whole weekend. Oh well, I don't mind, I just thought that was kinda funny. I was greated at the airport by Andy and his amazing family. Thanks Axel and Zane for driving me all over the place today with mom. We went for a 30 mile drive towards the Cascade Mountains and WOW!!!! I am ready to go now. I am going to start Saturday instead of Sunday. I will ride about 45 miles and camp somewhere? I was suppose to ride 90 miles on Sunday so this will help break up that first 90 miles for me.
So it's on, here we go!!!!!! Keep checking back I will blog as much as I can while out on the road.
C ya TK

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