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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good News!!!

My bike made it to Tim's Bike Shop in Everett, WA. It's going to be built today and be ready by Friday. I plan on riding the 6 miles to Andy's house (brother of a friend) to make sure everything is right? By right, all I mean is dialed in for my riding style. I know the bike shop will do a great job of rebuilding my bicycle!!!!!!Big shout out to those guys for helping me out, thanks!!!!!!!! Well, I hope it's not going to be as rainy on my trip as it has been here in the St.Louis area!!!!! Oh, well you just never know??? Part of the adventure is the overcoming of the adversity.
Rain, wind, heat, cold, bike problems, crazy motorist, food, water, and Lord knows what else??? Some people think I am a little crazy? I'm not, I'm sane. But I was crazy about that little boy. You were too if you knew him! It's not attention I am after, I am just wanting to bring attention to Caleb's memory. His toughness and mental attitude will forever be a part of my life.
I hope my effort this summer inspires others. Thanks to everyone who has offered words of encouragement, made a finacial donation, or said a prayer for me!! Thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

Almost time Tom Cat!!!!!!!!!!