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Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 1 off to Flora Il.

Was it hot and humid in Troy today too? Man, I got zapped today. I'm glad to have the first day out of the way. I rode almost 90 miles today. It took about 6 1/2 hours so you can imagine how tired I am. Everything went well though it was hot. I did have a flat tire already. I was almost to Breese. I rode through 3 states before I got my first flat tire last year. This year I didn't even make it to 3 counties before getting that flat. Oh well, now it's out of the way, right?Highway 50 is pretty busy but almost every vehicle got over for me, my left arm got tired from waving thanks so many times!!
I wanted to say thanks to Pastor Smith and friends from the UMC in Flora for putting me up in the Best Western. Thank You!!!! I also just did an interview with Danielle from the local paper. She was very interested, polite, and I enjoyed talking with her. It's kinda cool because it's going allow more people to hear about Caleb. Thanks Danielle.
I'm pretty wiped out so I'm going to go crash. I'll try to post everyday but if I don't please forgive me. Cya


Anonymous said...

JUST BE CAREFUL!!!! I gotta quit watching the national weather map. It's making me worry for you.

Jennifer said...

Day 1 under the belt, no sweat!!! Glad you are moving right along. Sorry to hear about the flat...hopefully won't happen again for a while.

Heading to IL this week, sorry I will miss you, but you obviously have a great excuse :-).

Take care. Jen Smith Traficano

laurad. said...

You're awesome for doing this again Tom. Have a great, safe trip. I know Caleb is smiling down on ya right now! Laura D.

Donna Laird said...

Hey TK!!! WOW! Can't believe your off already!! Somehow I lost track of exactly what day you were leaving....

Anyway, BE CAREFUL & take care out there....Caleb would think you were crazy, eh??!!! (What a great kid!!)

Jen, Lucas & Kellen...you guys are one lucky family to have Tom...prayers with all of you till he returns!!

Danielle McGrew said...

Thank you for sharing your story! It was nice to meet you and I wish you all the best.