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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Olympics

Hello bigride fans
Last weekend the Special Olympics had an event at SIUE. Two of our student-assistants from our Middle School Basketball Program participated. Our 8th grade assistant Corey K. competed in the 10 meter run and the softball throw. Before competing in the run I had a chance to sit and talk with Corey. He noticed I had a bottle of Mountain Dew and asked if he could have a drink? So I said sure and then watched him down an entire bottle in record time. If there is an event for fastest MD drinker, Corey would have won the Gold in that event. So, I am going to take 1% of the credit for his Gold in the run, at the cost of my fresh MD. Corey won Gold medals in both of the events he entered in.
Our 7th grade assistant Marcus B. competed in the softball throw and the 5o meter relay. Marcus also won two Gold medals at last weekends event. I was very proud of how Marcus handled himself during an uncomfortable moment on the podium. There was another boy who felt that he had won and he wasn't very happy. Marcus was very humble and low key while accepting his Gold medal. I thought that showed a lot about his character during an uncomfortable situation.
I am very proud of both of these boys. They are both great people and awesome role models.
Congratulations Corey K. and Marcus B. !!!!!!!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!

I went for a 35 mile road bike ride this weekend, ooouuucchhh!!! My butt was sore. I had to ride the last 5 miles or so standing up. But, I'm back on the bike so I am stoked!!! Cya, Tom

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