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Friday, July 31, 2009

Stop # 33 Hardin

Hello everyone
Today I rode a little slower than yesterday. I knew I only had to ride 45-50 miles and I was kinda sore from yesterday. Here's why. When I crossed over the Mississippi I was feeling pretty darn good, as you can imagine. I was riding on 96 south for a couple of miles when I looked back to check for traffic. I noticed a couple of cyclist were about a half mile back or so. I started to feel the competitive juices flow. I got down on the areo bars and jacked up my speed to about 24 mph. I knew the town of Atlas was about 8-10 miles up ahead so I cranked it up hard. I thought, " I've been riding for 6 weeks, I'm in Illinois, and I'm going to beat them to Atlas. I looked back a couple of times but I continued to separate from them a little so I kept cranking even harder. When I got to Atlas, I pulled over and snagged a drink from a machine. As these two guys came into town they slowed up and kinda looked at me. I said, " hey I was kinda expecting you two to catch me?" The one guy says, " we weren't trying." Ok. Sure. Right. Come on man. They both had very nice bikes and looked to be in pretty good shape too. Now I know when I'm riding and I see a cyclist, I can't help it, I try to catchem. I was pooped though. My legs were pumped and my lungs were screaming, but I tried to look completely rested. When will I ever grow up, right? So today I really felt it, ooouuuchee wawwa. When I got to Hardin I was set on getting a motel, but they were already booked up. Faith. Yep, I just relaxed and asked if she had any ideas on where I could stay? The minister from her church was out of town so she had me call an elder named Dwight Ringhausen. He invited me to come stay with him and his wife Millie just south of Hardin on the family farm. Wow !! This farm has been in the family for over 100 years. Dwight's grandpa built this house in 1904. The wood work is absolutely incredible. The house and everything in it is amazing. The recorded history here is just mind blowing. The setting is right out of heaven, in fact I would call this place a slice of heaven here on earth. Millie and Dwight are two of the kindest and most interesting people anyone would want to meet. Again, I was made to feel like family. We had a wonderful supper tonight. ( I really really loved her oriental coleslaw!) Jen, I got the recipe. For dessert she made a hand made gooseberry crumb pie.
OMGG ( oh my goodness gracious ) :) Have you ever had gooseberry pie?? Well, I never even heard of it, but I love it. Thanks for making me feel so welcome here. I can't wait to come back and visit you guys with my family.
If you two are ever near Troy, you have to stop by, ok? Thanks again.
So for now I think that's about it from Hardin. Cya TK

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Donna Laird said...

Tom...just wanted to let you know....my Grandma Dickinson used to make Gooseberry Pie!!! YUM! Kind of funny, because she was raised & lived her young married life up in Roodhouse, IL.....near Hardin!!!! Now, my Aunt Sharon still makes it once in a while....
ONE MORE DAY!!!!! I talked to Jen & Lucas at registration....they are SOOO supportive of you...what a GREAT FAMILY!!! (Kellen wasn't there, I'm sure he feels the same!!)