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Friday, July 31, 2009

Something I wanted to share

Hello friends
I am not sure how many more post I will make in the next few days so I want to share a little more information and a poem.
1st. It's all about Caleb, the Zarzecki's, you, healing and faith. I am Blessed by all of these!

2nd. I will keep my blog going. I'm not sure about next summer yet? I want to get home, relax, reflect, spend time with my family and get ready for school to start. I want to talk about next summer with my wife and family later to see if St.Louis to Washington D.C. will work or not? I am sure everyone understands what a sacrifice it is for my wife and kids. So, I will post on the blog once a month at the start of each new month to keep everyone up to date on what's going on.

3rd. I want to share a poem from the end of the book that my friend Bob gave me in Harlowton MT. Even though the ride isn't done, I wanted to make sure I posted it before I got back home. The poem is called Back Again
Back Again
Been a lot o' places,
Seen a lot o' things,
Pondered long and hard.
I'll be back again.
Climbed tall mountains,
Sailed great oceans,
Crossed wide prairies.
I'll be back again.
Lived as a man,
Lived as a woman,
In rainbow colors.
I'll be back again.
I've plowed and sowed,
I've fought and bowed,
E'en knelt and prayed.
I'll be back again.
Vested in the earth,
Round this mortal coil,
Cycle to cycle.
I'll be back again.
I'm God's only son,
Twins, you and I one,
Without start or end.
We'll be back again.
Toward one great end,
To release from pain,
All the hurt and lame.
We'll be back again.
To rise one in Light,
To grow free in Truth,
To grow all in Love.
We'll be back again.

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tayzli said...

Great poem - You are right you have one heck of a supportive family. They were so proud of you when you rode into your driveway yesterday! You could see it in their faces.
I realize this ride was a very personal deal. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. It did make a huge difference!