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Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Vacation ( Finally)

Hello friends
Well what can I say?? Last night we had a great meal and swam at the motel pool. Today I took them to see Devil's Canyon. It's about 10 miles west of Custer. I wanted to show them the hills I had to ride up and down. I think they were a little scared??? Then we went to Mammoth Site. This was really cool. A sink hole developed over thousands of years and swallowed up mammoth's and other animals that went to close. The dig is an ongoing excavation and is just amazing to see. I recommend it for sure. Then we drove through Custer State Park. That too was incredible. We had a chance to see lots of wild life and buffalo's up real close!!! We then went to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I can't say enough about Crazy Horse, you have to go see it. This guy was an amazing and his family continues the dream of completion. When is going to be completed? That is what I would like to know!!! Very interesting and pretty much an amazing undertaking. I was here 20 cough cough something years ago and to be honest, it doesn't seem to have changed much???? HHHmmm? I don't have much more to share for now. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to!!!!! Cya bigride supporters!! TK


Jennifer said...

Tom, glad you got to see your family and spend some time with them after such a long journey. I would have loved to see those hills you rode...doubt I could do them. Can't get over how grown up Lucas looks in the pictures. You will have to tell him hello for me. Enjoy your family time!!!!!!


tayzli said...

LOVE THE FAMILY PICS! What a great reward for you. You are a very lucky man to have such a great wife and kids. Have a great visit with them. Keep on going, you doing great.

The Port family