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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day #3 Brownstown, IN

Hello again. Hot, humid, and HILLS!! I thought Indiana was flat?? Wrong, not on highway 50. Yesterday was very challenging for me. I am very thankful to have an off day today.
I was eating at a Bob Evans yesterday and a few of the people starting asking me about what I was doing? When I went to pay for my lunch the manager gave me $20.00 in Bob Evans bucks for my next meal. I thought that was nice and unexpected. As I was walking out and older couple stopped me to ask if they could give a donation? So they handed me another $20.00 to help out the cause. It's amazing how generous people are!! Thank you goes to those people, not for the monetary gift but for their kindness. Thanks.
I had a dog come running at me later in the day. The woman comes out yelling not to worry he doesn't bite. I wanted to say, " yeah not you!" All I was seeing was teeth, thankfully the dog retreated back home. Towards the end of the ride I was really tired. I was about 10 miles away and resting at a quick stop store and chatting with a motorcyclist. This gentleman pulls up out of know where and asked me, " you need a ride?" It was like an Angel appeared. He told me that the highway was pretty dangerous on the way to Brownstown. I needed a break and took him up on the offer. He is a fellow cyclist and said he had passed me twice while running errands in the area. We had a great conversation. Thank you Larry!
When I arrived I met Pastor Damon and his wife Debbie. They have been very kind and open with me. I was invited by them to assist with Vacation Bible School last night and today. I really enjoyed being around kid's again. We had fun and I made a few more friends. I really connected with a boy named Kyan, he was awesome. At the end of the night Pastor Damon introduced me and asked me to share a little about my journey. That was cool because I had another chance to talk about Caleb and my faith. I'm looking forward to helping again tonight.
Today I had to go to a bike shop. I looked at my tires when I got here yesterday and I noticed that my tires were really bad. I'm not sure why but it looked like they were just falling apart? Maybe the heat and the fact that I'm trying to ride on the very edge of the road? So, I had to get new tires. I'm thinking that they might have blown out if Larry wouldn't have helped me out, that's how worn they were. Angel?? hhhmmm
Today I am relaxing and recovering!!!! I imagine I'll sleep a few hours too? I hope everyone is doing well and I will post more on Friday if possible. Cya, TK

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